What are Online Casino Bonuses?

Casino bonuses are rewards given to different levels of customers in order to further encourage them to continue playing in the casino and also to encourage another category of player to join the casino. A casino player has different options he can choose from because the casino industry has become vast and a lot of casino vendors are ready to welcome new players. To know more check http://www.1casino-bonuses.com/


Types of Casino Bonus

There are basically two main types of casino bonus and they are no deposit bonus and deposit bonus. The no deposit casino bonus is a bonus that is first given to a player upon sign-up on the casino. This means players do not need to deposit money to get this bonus. The bonus is also accompanied by low risk since it's free.

  • No deposit bonus
  • Deposit bonus

The second type of casino bonus is the deposit bonus and for this type, a deposit has to be made fist before you can get the bonus. After a deposit is made into the player's casino account, then he gets the bonus offer and has a chance to win more bonus points and withdraw it when it has accumulated to the minimum limit.

Welcome Bonus and Loyalty Bonus

The welcome bonus is the first bonus you will be rewarded as a player in the casino. It is also called the bonus upon sign-up. The way this works is that the casino pays the initial money you will bet with and you can either get more bonus points or enjoy the game to learn new strategies. This is only possible because it has no risk at all.

Loyalty reward is a bonus for existing players on the casino which is given to reward the player's loyalty to the casino. For this bonus, you need to check the terms and conditions to know the requirements for the bonus. However, the way this works is that you'd have gathered comp points over time as a player and when the points reach a limit, then you can withdraw.

Reload Bonus and Free Spin

Reload bonus is for the two categories of players who are the existing and the new players. When a player deposits a sum into their casino account, the amount is called reloading. The reload bonus allows the players to claim a percentage of the sum as a bonus. The player can get as high as 150% and increases the amount you have in your casino account.

  • Reload bonus
  • Free spin
  • Cash bonus
  • Loyalty bonus

A free spin is a no deposit bonus that can only be claimed on slot games. When you play the slot game, you might be given a specific number of spins say like 20 free spins where you can try out the game again but this time for free. You can decide to either play the game to win the reward or just learn more.

How to Withdraw Casino Bonuses

It is possible to withdraw your casino bonus but it can only be withdrawn if you follow the requirements put out by the casino vendor. The first thing to do before choosing a casino is to check for the conditions attached to the particular bonus because it will allow you to know the categories of players that can get the bonus to avoid regret.

When you're sure you've met the necessary requirement, you will now check the wagering requirement for that casino bonus. The wagering requirement is the minimum amount of bonus point you will need to accumulate to be able to withdraw your money in the casino. Some casino pegs their bonus point high so as to make it hard for the players to reach it on time.

  • You need to check the print in the terms and conditions before you choose a bonus.
  • You will be prompted to provide a bonus code before you can claim any bonus.

Casino Bonuses - Terms and Conditions

The terms and condition can be seen as a guide to getting a casino bonus because without reading and understanding it properly. You stand a chance of clicking the bonus and not eventually getting the reward for it. This important information is always included right in front of the casino bonus on the casino's website. It houses information like the wagering requirements.

Other conditions you can find in this casino section is the game restriction, the payment method acceptable and the validity of the bonus . The game restriction just shows the game collection that can be played with that specific bonus. For example the free spin can only be claimed in the slot game. The validity of the bonus is just the number of days the bonus will elapse.